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Family Walking

Family Therapy

As time passes and unfamiliar changes occur, maintaining family balance and harmony can become challenging. We help bring that harmony back.

What it is

Change and growth of the family affects all of the domestic relationships. As the family grows, both in age and in size, needs and priorities grow and fluctuate with it. As a result, stress and frustration can build up in all family members, leading to detachment, lapses in communication, and a chaotic family structure. It is at these moments that it becomes more important than ever for the adults and the children to work together, to be honest about their feelings, to communicate them clearly and amicably, and to make changes to meet each other's needs and the greater needs of the household. Family therapy helps families define a flexible and resilient family model, giving choices and boundaries to children and teens, while maintaining the essential strength and support of the parental roles. Family therapy is geared toward improving communication and conflict resolution skills, enhancing empathy among family members, cultivating mutual respect, and empowering all of the family members. Combining individual therapy with family therapy can significantly enhance results.

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